Interior & Exterior Painting Contractors In Dallas, TX

There’s no painting job too big or too small for Cardinale Construction. Whether you need small paint repairs or looking to take on a large house painting project, we’ve got you covered. As a smaller family-owned business, we have the flexibility to ensure you receive a high-end, personalized experience no matter how big or small the project. We are committed to fast and reliable service, quality workmanship and building long-lasting relationships with our community.

Interior Painting

Interior painting is an exciting home project. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing to have the inside of your home that brand-new color you’ve been wanting, but it’s also a great chance to clean and refresh your walls. Before applying any paint, walls must be sanded and cleaned. After the new coat is applied, your walls will be clean, and your home will feel fresh. Painting is also a great way to increase the value of your home in a cost-effective way.

Exterior Painting

Like interior painting, having the outside of your home professionally painted offers benefits beyond being aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Exterior paint can help to protect your home from outside elements like rain, wind, insects, and fire. It can even prevent moisture build-up that can cause unsightly mold and mildew. When you have the exterior of your home painted, you’re also increasing the lifespan of your siding. Applying a fresh coat can add a few years and even help temporarily cover up small imperfections along the outside of your home. Living in Dallas, we’re all too familiar with the extreme weather we face from time to time. A fresh coat of exterior paint can help to protect your home from strong winds, heavy rain and even help to cover up areas where your siding may have been damaged by hail. Of course, all of these benefits roll-up into increasing better curb appeal and ultimately home value.

Local Painters Committed To Excellence

At Cardinale Construction, we strive to offer the highest quality craftsmanship available in Dallas. That’s why we exclusively use Sherwin-Williams paints and supplies. We believe in making sure our customers receive a highly durable, superior product that will last.

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